Jerzy Zulawski  

Jerzy 真豉wski was a famous poet and writer. He founded mountain resque service in Zakopane and finally, he was a member of the Polish Legions.
He was born on 14th July, 1874 in Lipowiec but he spent his youth in M造nne in a manor-house called S這miana which was his parents property. The names of his parents were Kazimierz and J霩efa Goc這wska. He attended a primary school in Limanowa and then grammar-schools in Bochnia and Krak闚. After that he studied philosophy in Zurich and Bern. He obtained his doctorate in philosophy there. 
Difficult financial situation and anxiety to educate children forced his father, Kazimierz 真豉wski, to sell his family estate in M造nne. It was a painful experience for the whole family and Jerzy as well. 
After his university studies Jerzy became a teacher in a grammar-school in Jas這 and then in Krak闚. In that period he wrote books intensively. After the WWI had broken Jerzy became an officer of the General Staff in Polish Legions. His poor health weakened during his studying let him hear from itself soon. He died on 9th August, 1915 of typhus at the age of 41 in an army hospital in D瑿ica.
Jerzy 真豉wski is reconed among intellectual elite of that time and his books were highly appreciated. He wrote among other things a trilogy On the Silver Globe, The Old Earth and The Victor. He also wrote some drama: Eros and Psyche, A City of the Sun, A Play or A Beast. Among his poetry one can find On Strings of the Soul, Poetry, From the house of slavery or Gleanings. He also wrote some extra poems devoted to his home village M造nne such as Prayer, The Spruce-Tree, An Old Mill and Manor-House. In his short story From the Forefathers House he expressed his deep feelings conected with loss of the family property.