Quarters of M造nne: Kr鏊ik闚ka l Za逍a l Makowica   

M造nne is a small village situated in the north-east of Beskid Wyspowy range. Administratively, it belongs to Limanowa Commune in Ma這polska Voivodeship. The area of M造nne amounts to 666,7 hectares. As far as the size is concerned, M造nne belongs to medium common villages in the historically-geographical region called Limanowa Earth.
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photo: Jacek Koz這wski

photo: Anna W鎩towicz

photo:Piotr Jajenica

photo:Katarzyna R鉍zkowska


The main feature of Beskid Wyspowy is the presence of lonely mountains with steep slopes and flat tops. These single hills, devided by easy accessable valleys, form specific islands hence the name of the region (Island Beskid). The river υsosina runs through M造nne. It devides this part of Beskid Wyspowy into two pieces: the Sa豉sz & Jaworz Range and the Kamionna & Koby豉 Range. Considerable part of the village is located on the slopes of these ranges. The valley of the υsosina river is situated in the lowest poit of 348,2 m. a.s.l. The highest pick is Kamionna ( 801,3 m. a.s.l.). Small valleys with rushing streams, which are the υsosina river tributaries, intersect the slopes of Kamionna. It is the land of picturesque mountains and dales, resinous forests and fresh air.
The name of the village comes from a great number of mills that were here in the past. There is a primary school, a church and a library in here.

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