our village
  Jerzy Zulawski


Our School is in M造nne near Limanowa.  We have six classes and a zero class. There is a library and a computer study. We have tables for table tennis in the halls. There are sports fields near the school building.
In the school operate:
*Pupils Autonomy,
*Drama Circle called Muminki
*Computer & History Circle
*Reciters Circle
We belong to different organizations such as:
*School Touring Club
*Polish Red Cross
*The League of Preservation of Nature
We also have well known in Poland Pupils Sports Club Patria which popularizes mainly orienteering.

So, this is our school !!!

 Our address: Szko豉 Podstawowa w M造nnem, 34-651 Limanowa 3, tel. /018/ 33-76-158